Pet Society Spoilers for Dec 14 [More Christmas Items]

there will be 2 parts of our spoilers.. :) the first part is here. :)
our spoilers is IN HIGH QUALITY for you to enjoy :)
warning: images might load very slow.

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items for next week are again excellent. :) i love them
what really bothers me now if i could buy all of them since an item per piece(by the looks of it) might be around 3000 :(
there would be a item that can do falling snow, but dont be happy about it. it requires a battery. and battery is verrryyy expensive (expensive than those WWF ice things).
i really like the idea that they put all the foods in one table. so that all we can do is drag them. of course, customizing it might be limited but hey, would you want to drag foods in the table and next thing you know you are experiencing a layering issue ?? i love the white tree... i really really adore it. thats what i was expecting.. a white tree. :) and by thye looks of it, christmas items are glow in the dark.. :) the santa plushie is UGLY. it reminds of the mayor in pet society hahaha. :)
they have released another set of fishes. which means.... another round of 4cc each fish biscuit :(
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while doing spoilers, i noticed that there are again ornaments and a new vendo machine.. so i concluded that we can get these ornaments by that machine.. :) the ornaments looks nice.. :) i thought we would be stuck in those heart shaped ornaments they released last week but i was wrong, they will be releasing new sets next week. :)
and i was debating myself if the scarfs are for our pets or not. i really really think they are for the snowman.. :) its like you decorate you own jack o lantern (btw, i didnt decorate my jack o lantern last halloween)

i really hope you like the spoilers guys.. :) took time to made them. THEY ARE IN HIGH QUALITY. :) nakakapagod din mag pipindot no tapos walang bayad? hahaha :) support this site by religiously clicking the ads :)

thank you for visiting our site. :) it means so much. :)

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