Pet Society Game Updates! New Cooking Feature!

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From Sonya, Pet Society Blog

Christmas is coming, so when you next send a gift, you can choose to deliver it in some festive wrapping! Just go to send your gift as normal, and once you’ve confirmed, you will get a pop up asking you if you’d like to buy one of four special seasonal wrappings, or of course you can choose to deliver your gift in the standard gift box! ;)

i just really really love christmas :)
so when you send a gift, may option ka kung iwrap mo yun gift or not. :) medyo reasonable naman yun price. :) what do you think? :) gusto ko yun 3rd choice.. tag 50. its simple yet elegant. :D
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From Sonya, Pet Society Blog

How does it work you ask? Well, you will be able to find your very own Cooking Stove in your chest! So drag that out into your room! You can click on either the Cooking icon (located next to your stickers icon), or on your Cooking Stove to read the instructions and get started! Basically though, you can cook food that is not available elsewhere. So buy some ingredients for a specific dish to cook (select the Cook button to start), and it will have a certain cooking time (which you can see before you buy it); and when it’s finished cooking collect it by clicking on your stove, or by using the Collect button in the Cooking book. You can choose to either sell your completed dish back to the store for profit, or give your pet a good feed!

Be careful though, if you leave your dish on the stove for too long, it will burn and be ruined (for most dishes you have the amount of cooking time again to collect), so be sure to come back to collect your dish once it’s finished cooking! ;)

A few things you should be aware of: a) you can only cook one dish at a time, b) you will accumulate Cooking Points by successfully cooking dishes, these Cooking Points increase your Cooking Rank, and c) different dishes require different Cooking Ranks to learn, however everyone can start with Vegetable Soup, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and give it a whirl!

na-explain na ni Sonya lahat. :) so ayan na. :) ang stand ko naman dito is ginagawa na ng Petsociety team ang lahat ng makakaya nila... may completensya na sila eh... :) lagot sila kasi the other day, Petville has 6million users.. and its increasing everyday.. sa Pet Society naman, as i said sa isang post ko, they just lost about 300-500k users last month.

go Playfish. kaya nyo yan.. im still positive na hindi tataob ang PS dahil sa Petville. :)

may updates din sa Stylist but i wont post it here since i think no one goes in there naman.. hahaha :) and meron daw new festive fishes - i wont buy the holiday fish biscuit na, they keep on releasing fishes kasi.. diba?

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