Pet Society: forcing players to invite friends to join????

Included in the whole lot of updates from pet society today, a new pet society invitation button appeared mysteriously!

Currently, there is a lot of ways in inviting friends to join pet society making people think that pet society is really determined to fight against zynga's petville which is undoubted a copycat from pet society. Playfish should really try hard to be able to retain Pet Society's popularity because zynga had undoubledtly copied farmville from farmtown and yet farmville was able to overtake farm town!!!!
(Sorry for the moustache clipart I used to cover my friend's name)
By the way, when your friend still haven't accepted the invitation, the image as shown in the picture can be seen.....

---If you will try to find the buttons, it is located at the 3rd spot on your friend's list....

Off Topic =D
I apologize if you think my posts isnt really that good.... I made this in a rush since we are currntly having our preliminary exams for this semester.... I'll edit this post as soon as I become available...

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