ALOT of Items are removed in the Mystery Box!

and as they "mysteriously" appear,
they mysteriously disappear.
WTF PLAYFISH. hahahaha :D

They have just removed ALOT of things inside the Mystery Box. - about time too. they are trash!

Removed from Expensive Mystery Box.
  • Antique Door
  • Checkered Floor Tiles
  • Loud Speaker
  • Wizard Hat
  • Wonder Pants
  • Pink Fridge
  • Antique Telephone
  • Nuclear Rug
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Squitty
  • Love Heart Candle
  • Love Heart Lava Lamp
  • Chrome Laptop
  • Chrome Mobile
  • Stainless Steel Toilet
  • Black Rocket Lava Lamp
  • Bird Cage Decor
  • Retro Table Mirror
  • Dodecahedron Lantern
  • Turquoise Mini Bubble Chair
  • World Traveler Suitcase
  • Caffettiera

Removed from Mystery Box
  • Pet Hair Gel Tube
  • Blue Flower Hairband
  • Ornate Bedside Table
  • Blue Luchador Mask
  • Blue Wave Surfboard Deco
  • Hibiscus Surfboard Decor
- and now, i regret selling some of my 999 items... they should have atleast informed us that they will remove this things right? :D

ill let my staff update the site within this day for the new MI's and Spoilers for next week. :D

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