Spoilers for November 30 [Pre-Christmas & Alice & Wonderland Theme]

See the updated prices below.
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These are ALL Alice and Wonderland Themed items. i like them all.. except that hearty items. they are so girly, and in my opinion they are quite plain. we will be having a new tree also. expect na kalahati ng items na ito nasa Cash Shop.. i also LOVE the new Doll din. :) yun pink fish, i was told na makukuha mo na sya ngayon using any bait.Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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so i think these will be publish on Tuesday or Wednesday. :) Playfish is forcing us to log in everyday till the 24th of december to get those items above. the idea of this is parang may tutubo/lalabas na food dun sa bahay *i forgot the name, its based on a fairytale diba??* and you will post/attach it dun sa christmas tree. actually im not against with this idea, cute nga siya eh.. :)
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ito yun makukuha mo using the Chritsmas Fish Biscuit. if the Biscuit will cost 4cc,
4cc x 16 = 64cc
would you spend that much? ako pinag iisipan ko. hehehe :) current price kasi ng cc if its converted sa Philippine Peso, its 55cc = P500
so ayan, would you spend money just for those pixels/fishes lang? i doubt if ito lang yun Cash Shop Items this Christmas, there would be more pa and siguro its worthy to spend Cash Coins in the items that is nicer and useful than this.. diba?

sorry it took awhile in posting the spoilers. :) to publish na sana to kaninang madaling araw pero i had issues with the post editor ng blogger. kaya ito naayos ko na ulit. :)

to be updated ang post na to with there names and maybe prices. :)

Edit by Shin.====================================================
*Wonderland floor 700 coins
*wonderland wallpaper 1400
* wonderland sign 450 coins
*wonderland rose decor 1200 coins
*wonderland flower decor 800 coins
*wonderland rabbit 800 coins
*wonderland shelf 275 coins
*wonderland lake 1000 coins.

at least kahit pa paano medyo may kamurahan ang mga items and hindi sya ganung kamahalan so i think mag save tyo ng more more coins ASAP =)

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