Taking a break from Playing and Blogging about Pet Society! :)

First and Foremost, i want to start by thanking everybody for visiting this site. thank you very much for your continued support even though that there was literally no proper updates few weeks ago.

Im fed up with Pet Society. Its Boring. Admittedly, Im not having fun anymore.I dont know why i suddenly lost interest. Playfish might have fixed the chest lag which i complained over a year now but that wont stop me on my decision...

i started the year right. january this year, i made new posts everyday. it somehow stopped when i got busy at school. end of February, i went to China and when i came back, there were loads of school work i got to finish. 

So the chances of logging in and blogging was slim.

When our classes ended last week, i announced from the Pet Society Philippines fan page that i will resume updating. Well that part didnt work out. As pointed out by Pet Society Girl of Pet Society World, games shouldnt be a chore. it should be fun. That is why she quitted. I guess i felt that updating the blog is more like a chore and a responsibility now.

Surprisingly, it would be my Pet's birthday next week. Meaning im playing this game for 2 years now!

The other other day i posted a question from the fan page and from this blog asking your opinion.Yesterday i made up my mind. I will take a break, i will think and organize my thoughts if i will quit this game and this blog altogether. 

I would like to thank people who actualy emailed me and sent me a message when they learned im leaving/quitting/taking a break, thanks for the words. thanks for understanding. im touched.

if you want to stalk me, i have a newly created tumblr blog which you can follow here (still under construction) -> itsmeprincedon.tumblr.com or you could follow my thoughts on twitter -> twitter.com/itsmeprincedon  

and for those who are asking via email and the fan page on how  i look like, THATS ME on the photo above! :) im small, so anyone could send me pills to make me tall? :D

take care, and see you soon guys! :)

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