Playfish / EA New Facebook Game: Monopoly Millionaires!

Monopoly is the next big hit (and the next big game downfall, maybe?) by Playfish / EA. It was live last January 29, 2011 :) i know this is a delayed post already, i knew it before because some sources told me about it, but again i am so busy to blog about it :)

Monopoly Millionaires is easy to play - trust me. :) you can just click and click. but i have a problem in there tutorial. it might have a potential but again, Playfish / EA leveling up/scoring system is not good because you can level up so quickly in a matter of days! right now, i could see people in level 20 (and this game is still 3 days old) so this game might not good to play for a longer period because you can reach your goal in a matter of days/week not unlike Zynga games, there scoring and leveling up is so great, that you need to log in every now and then.

Monopoly is under the property of EA i think ( i might be wrong) but they run in the servers of Playfish. since EA bought Playfish before. but the Monopoly Millionaire forum is under an EA forum. its weird becase the Madden Fifa Superstars is under the Playfish Forum but it is a property of EA. I think they should settle which is which! :)

you can play the game now, they have officially announced it though! :)

will you play this game?

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