Are you a fan of Restaurant City? then you should visit this great video-blog site!

oh yeah, its sunday. :) and hey, im back into blogging again! :)

i have a very tight schedule since last month. i dont know if i could cope this kind of thing till March, but fingers crossed, i can do this! and i will pass PROGRAMMING! :) regular PS updates will resume later or next week. :)

i was just forum-hoping today on the Official Playfish Forum and luckily i stumbled upon a thread that says: Podcast with Hakenden (mod) because if i havent, i could have just missed this one great site! 

i quickly clicked on it (mainly because i want to know if its true or not) so yeah, it was for real... if you dont know, Hakenden is a moderator in the official Playfish Forum. and i was shocked that he agreed to do an interview :) moderators are quite shy sometimes. lol :)

i listened the podcast and i finally heard this cool guy's voice (he is very articulate!) his name is Christopher, from Colorado USA. (i hope you wouldnt mind ill post your name here, Christopher! :)

it is really cool to know that some people (like me) is very dedicated in some games like this. i mean, we created site's just to show how addicted we are! i thought all along that im the only male who creates sites like this but i was wrong. im not alone all along :)

i read half of his post and i really found his site informative and cool. he has constructive posts and all. i for one cant do video blogs or podcasts because im too busy to create one and yeah, im not good using the English Language and YES, I WANT TO BE ANONYMOUS! :D

i also admired him on his stand about Playfish Cash Items! we all cant afford Playfish Cash!

one of the posts that strucked me the most is his post about 

Is Restaurant City Dead? posted last November 9, 2010. i quite agree on his solution to bring RC back..... i think this wont only apply on RC - they must apply it to all of there games!

""Solution - Look at other games
No, I don't mean steal, but look at what the newest games are doing. Analyze what they are doing right and wrong. The best thing I've ever done was to pick up Backyard Monsters because it has broken me out of my Restaurant City funk. Use elements from other EA games that are outside of Facebook. I don't advocate stealing, but maybe it's time to get inspired by someone else.""

and i must admit, Playfish Games right now is ON THE WRONG DIRECTION. (an article about why i said that will be posted on tuesday)

If you want to visit Christopher's Excellent Video Blog about Restaurant City, click here --> He does reviews and he gives tips, so you may want to check that one out! also, you may want to LIKE his fan page as well so that you will be updated:

Happy Sunday Guys!

PS: you guys form Egypt - please dont destroy the Pyramids yet, i want to go there soon! :)
and those of you who experiencing Snow Storm there in the USA, lucky you, because here in our Country, Its Sunny Everyday! :D
and finally, Australia - you can cope up that flood, you are a strong country! :)

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