Pet Society Rapuznel Week or Playfish Cash Coin Week?

Yes Pet Society Gamers. it is another week full of Playfish Cash Items.

If my calculations are correct, you have to spend 103 Playfish Cash for this week! that is roughly 18 US Dollars! last week, you have to spend around 70 Playfish Cash to get all the items but it seems its not enough and they somehow doubled the items that is worth Playfish Cash for this. im betting for 150 Playfish Cash worth of items for next week! 

the trend and pattern is very obvious. 
1. dolls are profitable so they put one for Playfish Cash 
2. Pet Society is as we all know, a collection game for some people so they have put Limited Items and One Week Only taht is worth Playfish Cash so people would buy it. 
3. Playfish Cash Wigs are profitable too!
4. majority of the game is played by girlsdso why not put a Playfish Cash Clothes?

i hope if ever they made profit this week, they should FIX the game. i would post this week why i am requesting this game to be fized because i am experiencing a problem which old players have it too. well playfish, its your choice to be greedy. but im not buying it!

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