Pet Society - Phantom Week or Playfish Cash Coin Week?

So far, this is the only week that you have to spend ALOT OF Cash Coins. i know this game is free and all but this week was too much already so i decided to write about it.....

if you want to get all items for this week, you have to spend roughly around 76 Playfish Cash. yes, that is around 12-14 US Dollars.

nobody is telling us to purchase them but its such a shame that they have to put many items for Playfish Cash.

and the One Week Only is setting a trend again. before  OWO items that is worth Playfish Cash are rare. and they only make it once every 6 months or so... but this month alone, they have introduced 2 items as OWO. which i think is really unfair.

it is unfair because alot of us (yes im included) cant afford to spend that much in a week.

Pet Society should learn in the past.... but do they even learn with there mistakes?
they should bring the game back.
the game is all about Money now and collecting items.
it was fun before and now, its getting bored.

what do you think?

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