Pet Society Philippines Special: Mini Review of the Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


you all know that i am huge Potter Fan, that's why even though its rude to post off topic entries here in the Pet Society Philippines Blog, i still do it. :) for those who didnt watch it yet and dont want spoilers, please dont read any further :)

Harry Potter has some sort of a special advance screening here in the Philippines. :) i reserved tickets two weeks ago because i knew that  it would be sold out if i will buy it on the day. :)

 Picture Above: Malfoy Manor )beginning of the film

ADMITTEDLY - I cried (a little bit) when the movie started. they added an extra scene where Hermione cast a Memory Charm on her Parents and i found that thing very dramatic. 

Picture Above:
Harry wants to leave the Burrow
Hermione is pissed of at Ron :)
Ron on the first part, preparing whats instore for them

there were also allot of FAST FORWARD scenes here in the movie. there was no dialogue between Harry and the Dursleys... i think i found the 7 potters scene very funny. and again, i felt sad when Hedwig died!

 Picture Above: 7 Potters Scene

the movie became a bit dark, and there were some bits that were left unexplained. like in the scene in the wedding between Harry, Elphias Doge and Aunt Muriel, that wasn't explained properly.
Picture Above: disapperated from the Wedding to London

i love the scene in the Ministry of Magic,. it was a scene that made my adrenaline go high and of course, that scene has some funny parts on it as well

aside of being dark, there was some kind of love story here too. Ron was getting jealous of Harry and then he decided to run away. the fight scene between Ron and Harry wasn't that bad, but i felt pity for harry..

when my favorite scene came, i was teary eyed again (not quite:)). the Godrics Hallow really makes me cry (when i read the book). Harry visited the graves of his parents and he also visited his burnt house. they could have done better with this scene. i was expecting alot more.... 
there was also and additional scene in the movie where Harry Potter dances with Hermione to cheer her all up, i found it really really really cute! :) (we all know that who ended who but before i did wished that harry ended up with hermione!) hahaha

i think one of the great scenes in the movie is when Ron destroyed the horcrux! i mean who wouldn't love that? Harry and Hermione is naked and kissing passionately! :) i thought that there mean versions are great! :)

 Picture Above: The sign of the Deathly Hallows

finally in the end part, the Deathly Hallows was explained. i don't need to explain since the Potterheads already know it. :) it would have been better if the Story of the 3 Brothers are shown in HUMAN form. not in the form of animation. :)

 Picture Above: The ending, Voldemort got the Elder wand from Dumbledore

and yes, the movie ended when Dobby died (I'm in tears again) and when Voldemort got the wand from Dumbledore!

MY SCORE: 3.9/5.0

the movie would have been much nicer if they have put allot of dialogues on it. i mean i don't mind the movie is split into 3 parts, just as long as there would be dialogues but sad to say there was none and the filming of the movie has already wrapped up.

i think the places they have been is nice. i imagine it that way. the Forest of Dean was dirty :) i thought it nice since the book said it was nice! :)

they forced comedy on the movie which i think is nicely done and the romance of Hermione and Ron is also shown in the movie.

during the course of the film, it would let you think that, am i watching harry potter? :) they have filmed alot of great scenes w/o using magic that you should better see! :)

I'm just sad that the whole saga would end.
SEE YOU ON JULY 2011 for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II :)

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