Playfish Slaps Zynga: Issues a statement about the recent "security breach"

if you dont know whats going on, there was a recent security breach in some Zynga games like Farmville. where the Facebook ID of there user was exposed.

an article from ALL FACEBOOK......
"Two new lawsuits have popped up against Facebook and Zynga, the biggest game developer on the social networking site, in the wake of the weekend’s revelations about Facebook applications leaking user IDs to third parties. 
A Wall Street Journal investigation on the weekend revealed the top app makers were sharing Facebook user ID numbers with outside firms. The numbers could be used to look up people’s names and other information and could potentially be tied to advertising preferences or other data."

"California resident Nancy Walther Graf has sued Zynga, the maker of popular games such as Farmville, for allegedly transmitting the personally identifiable information to third parties “for substantial profit”. In the suit filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California on Monday afternoon, the plaintiff said Zynga’s use of the data without users’ permission violated federal laws that protect the privacy of electronic communications, as well as a California computer-crime law. Her lawyer later said the suit targeted Zynga rather than Facebook because Facebook’s policies prohibit app makers from transferring data about users to outside advertising and data companies. A Zynga statement says the complaint is without merit and the company would defend it vigorously."

then the other day, Playfish issues a statement.....

In light of recent reports that certain Facebook games and apps have provided third party organizations with personal information, all members of the Playfish community can be assured of a secure game playing environment and a continued commitment to player privacy and respect.
Maintaining the privacy and security of the millions of game players within our worldwide community is of utmost importance to Playfish.  As a consistent corporate practice, Playfish complies with Facebook data policies and does not release any private information to third party organizations without the express consent and knowledge of its players.

in my opinion, this is not that huge blow for Zynga... since at the first place, if your Facebook ID is exposed, and your profile is private, then the only thing that is being exposed is your name and your picure... but if your profile is public then your profile is really exposed.

i am a playfish gamer and i am proud that even though that there games is going down, but still my privacy is secured.

so what do you think? is your facebook private?

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