Pet Society is slowly dying.........

gone where the days that there is a Pet Society maintenance twice a week.. they used to have a endless maintenance because Pet Society before was so in demand, there servers cant handle anymore new players.....

click the image to zoom in. statistics April 2009

in fact, Pet Society was most played game in 2009. reaching 24 million monthly active users. Zynga's Mafia Wars and Pet Society is always figting to be the number one facebook game...... until recently. or lets just say, until this year......

when i checked the latest statistics of Pet Society.... i was saddened.....
only 12,732,467 of us are playing this game. and it slowly going down as weeks goes by. i think people are tired and bored playing this game... 
i mean who would waste there time running in the stadium? 
who would waste time cooking when it will takes years to a player to reach the cheesy mayor menu? 
who would dig when we cant even get a decent item? 
who would fish when the baits are costs Playfish Cash?
how would we even decorate our rooms when the chest is always lagging?

but in all infairness of Pet Society. they changed the game. they change the value of the coins per visit, before it was 10. now its 50! but the changes they made is all late. 

the next factor to consider is that people needs to struggle and be jealous with rich pets. because a new player will always get jealous when somebody in his/her neighborhood is richer than him. in the end, she/he will quit. because she/he cant compete it anymore...

not to mention hackers and cheaters who ruined the game.

but lets face it. we all had fun before....but now... i think its not fun.... its all about competing... and collecting... as Pet Society World pointed out, this game is not fun. its more like a chore.

i hope playfish will find a way to make this game alive... until its too late.

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