Pet Society is Slowly Dying Part II

my article, Pet Society is slowly dying attracted 5,000 page views. (if you havent read it yet, read it now  i think we all know the fact that our favorite game is dying slowly. its because the things that playfish should have done before. and now, the game is suffering because of there own effin mistakes.

not only the game is dying, but the fan blogs of Pet Society died just this year. 5 Pet Society Blogs stopped blogging about Pet Society because of there own respective reasons.

The first one to quit was Pet Society Star - i remebered that she is not happy about how less visitors her site is receiving. she wants to imitate Pet Society Anonymous but she is not succesfull....

2nd to quit (and is a big blow to Pet Society) was Pet Society World. alot of people sympathize on her because she was one of the legends of Pet Society Fan Blogs. her site PSW is up for more than a year and i think she iS receiving quite a number of page views around the worl. she pointed out that "Playing Pet Society hasn’t been enjoyable for me lately.  It’s been feeling like a chore instead of a game, and we all know that games shouldn’t be chores." and i think i quite agree on her. Pet Society is like a competition game now.

3rd to quit the arena of Pet Society Fan Blogs is Pet Society Cat.

not to mention the 4th one to quit and 5th one to quit is Pet Society Dream and Pet Society Mystery - i dont know if they ACTUALLY quit, its been 3 months that there blog has no updates. so i think they quit.

the one that is left is us, Pet Soicety Philippines, Pet Society Fans and Pet Society Anonymous. only the 3 of us is standing still....

what makes me continue to blog about Pet Society? its because of YOU. i always check my page views everyday and im happy if i receive like 2000 visits everyday. YOU make me continue. and YOU will make this site going if YOU continue visit us and supports us.

at the end of the day. this is just a game..

a game that we all had fun before.

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