Pet Society Complete List of Build-a-Scarecrow Mystery Egg Items

Build-a-Scarecrow Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Mystery Eggs) (Halloween Special)
Neutral Build-a-Scarecrow Base Black Build-a-Scarecrow Base
Pear Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Pink Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Round Scarecrow Pumpkin Head
Girl Scarecrow Eyes Triangular Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Smiley Scarecrow Mouth
Witch Scarecrow Hat Red Scarecrow Nose Witch Scarecrow Top
Orange Scarecrow Nose Cute Scarecrow Mouth Black Scarecrow Nose
Gentleman Scarecrow Hat Boy Scarecrow Eyes Gentleman Scarecrow Top
Black Scarecrow Ribbon Black Scarecrow Glasses Scarecrow Crow
Bandage Scarecrow Hat Scarecrow Band-Aid Bandage Scarecrow Top
Pink Build-a-Scarecrow Base
(Completion Reward)

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