Pet Society Spoilers for Monday September 6, 2010

Falling Blocks Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Item All Day Tuesday) White Swan Seat (Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Limited item Al Day Wednesday)
Town Forest Lucky Hat (Boutique – Amazing Items) (Clothes – Accessories) Brown Home Dye Table (Clothes – Stylist) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Bunny Petling (Outdoor – Petlings) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) Bunny Petling (Grown up)
Blue Pet Pixel Mask (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO) Orange Pet Pixel Mask (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Black Geeky Glasses (Clothes – Accessories) Tomato Mask (Clothes – Accessories) Yellow Geeky Glasses (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Blue Pet Pixel Shirt (Clothes – Boys/Girls) (OWO) White Pet Pixel Shirt (Clothes – Boys/Girls)
Dark Chocolate Cookies (Food – Grocery) (OWO) Sparkling Water (Food – Grocery)
Steel Kettle (Furniture – Kitchen and Bathroom) Rattan Basket Decoration (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Wooden Designer Coffee Table (Furniture – Bedroom) Wooden Designer Shelf (Furniture – Living)
Wooden Designer Bed(Furniture – Bedroom)
Modern Coffee Table (Furniture – Living) Modern Stool (Furniture Living) (OWO)
Large Sectional Sofa (Furniture – Living)
Red Designer Coffee Table (Furniture – Living) (OWO) Red Designer Shelf (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Red Heart Chair (Furniture – Living)
Wooden Bathroom Bundle Box (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wooden Bathroom Basket (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathtub(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Toiletry Set(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wooden Bathroom Chair(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wood-framed Bathroom Mirror(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Stool(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wood-Based Bathroom Plant(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Sink(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Fighter Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) Save the Princess Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO) Racer Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Hedgehog Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) Glam Outdoor Bench (Outdoor – Furniture)

Pixel World Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) Pixel World Floor(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Bright Green Leafy Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Cloud Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Olive Green Leafy Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Light Wood Wallpaper(DIY – Walls & Floors) Light Wood Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors)

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