Pet Society Something's Coming (on the next Update)

a Playfish Offficial (Mark Bendon) posted yesterday on the Playfish Official Forum that theres SOMETHING COMING! :) alot of us speculated things... like halloween coming early, or fixing the lagging issue in the chest or even free cc's :) some sggested that Mark will quit PS then he will give us his items lol.

i guessed free rooms, and i was right, :)

From Mark Bendon:
OK there's kind of good news and kind of bad news.

The bad news is that the surprise is delayed.

There are however several pieces of good news to make things a little better.

1) You were right: the surprise was the Cheesy Mayor getting fixed... but it's taking a little longer than we thought. Should be very soon though.

2) You were also right: two new rooms are coming. One for level 70, one for level 100. This'll be going in in the next update all going well (i.e. very very soon).

3) We've listened to your thoughts on the walk in closet and a new, bigger one will also be on sale.

4) I've booked my ticket to Greenland and changed my identity as a precaution.

5) *flees*

so i think i like the surprise. :) Theres no way i could cook the Cheesy Mayor , i think it will take me years to even complete it. hahaha The rooms are awesome.. im level 72 now.. :) and im not rushing to go near level 100 :) Walk in Closet? again? :)
so what do you think? the update is i think later at 4pm our time or 8pm. they usually do updates on Thursdays. :) so what do you think? :)

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