Pet Society (Shocking) Breaking News! You can now Gift SOME Cash Items to your friends!

yes im not joking. you can now gift some cash items. as posted by a Playfish Community Manager at the Playfish Forum:

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that unopened bundles found in Cash Mystery Boxes (which includes Fairytale Mystery Box, WWF Mystery Box and Revival Mystery Boxes) are now giftable! This means you can now share your extras with a friend, or swap for the one you so desire. Hooray!

Please note that only an unopened bundle can be gifted,
not the items inside. (ie - you can gift the Rapunzel Bundle, but not the wig or shoes etc)

simply put it this way... you can now GIFT items inside the Revival Mystery Box and the WWF Mystery Box. 

If you want to check out the complete list of Revival Mystery Box, click --->

my opinion.... some people will abuse this like people who hacked the game (last april) and got multiples of these items .... now alot of them are selling there so called "multiples" in the trading forum asking for a very high price! im not telling you guys that all of them are hackers but a little investigation will be great if your dealing with a hacker/cheater or not.

but also this is good news to us Playfish Cash Buyers because we can now finally get rid of those double items rotting in our chest.....

so what do you think about this news?

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