Pet Society Philippines Speaks: Prince_Don is BUSY! :)

i am sorry that i wasnt able to update this site properly in the last 3 weeks.... :) i am very very busy at school. there are alot of things to do, like reports, projects and programs to make.... i have no extra time to update this site, and all the fan pages i handle.. so im sorry. :) i do still update my facebook but i do not update my games anymore.....

last week, i got hooked up in this Plants VS Zombies game.. it is very nice game and it removes all the stress in my body and for a split second, my problems goes away.... :)

there will be a major site update soon, so stay tuned.... :)

hopefully i wont be busy next week.....
Don't fear rejection. Because sometimes, rejection is God's protection! :) Happy Sunday to all :

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