Pet Society For those who missed the Fan Page Free Gift, this post is for you!

okay im one of those people who complained (inside my head - because i have no time to complain in the forum) that when i click the link, it says the gift is expired. :) Pet Society World called this a "Playfish’s latest sloppiness in yet another glitch" and i super agree with you dear! :) i call this as a "Failed attempt to please players" but in all fairness to them, at least they remembered us! :)

a Playfish Official Posted a info in the forum, and i quote:
Hi everyone!

It seems the Basset Hound Plushie has expired a little sooner than it should, so we will be sending out the feed again a little later today for those that missed it!

and yes, the feed was up 30 minutes ago in my wall. :)
AGAIN, FOR THE 1000000TH time, you have to be a FAN pf Pet Society Official Page -->
if you are a fan now then its safe to click this and get this NOW --->
it would be available in the next 24 hours..

let us now if you got this one, and share this post to your friends. :)

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