Pet Society Fall 2010 Collection, Fashionista Competition Winners [PLUS MINI CONTEST]

Playfish recently held a Fashionsita Contest where some people (not all because the contest is restricted per country) was given a chance to show off there skills in fashion... :) one the perks of being the winner is that your work will be available on Pet Society :) i personally think this is a awesome idea. :) because the Clothes of Pet Society is crappy nowadays... i think these clothes are mainly for girls... but i really liked the Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit because it is really realy really cute! :)
Lord of the Bunnies Outfit
(Winner of Formal Category – Alma Baldares Lopez

Lord of the Bunnies Top Lord of the Bunnies Pants Lord of the Bunnies Shoes
Lord of the Bunnies Top Hat Lord of the Bunnies Monocle Lord of the Bunnies Cane
Autumn Bloom Outfit
(Winner of Haute Couture Category – Teresa De Sio)

Autumn Bloom Wig Autumn Bloom Dress
Autumn Bloom Shoes Autumn Bloom Hairpiece
Urban Chic Outfit
(Winner of Leisure Category – Dylan Bruno)

Casual Bun Wig Stylish Tee with Vest & Mirror Bangles Harem Pants
Stylish Black Sandals Boho Fish Cuff Paperboy Cap
Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit
(Winner of the Nightwear Category – Dulce Pedraza)

Sweet Star Pajama Cute Little Star Hat Cute Little Star Plushie
Blue Little Star Wig Cute Calm Moon Balloon
Le Rock & Chic Ensemble
(Grand Prize Winner – Leisure Category – Maria Jose Montiel)

Le Rock & Chic Wig Le Rock & Chic Top Le Rock & Chic Pants
Le Rock & Chic Hat Le Rock & Chic Boots Le Rock & Chic Sunglasses
Which one is your favorite?

Anyway i was thinking of  giving some poor pets these fashion bundles (they are now available in stores)... so to all poor pet out there, COMMENT below and tell me what Fashion/Outfit you like to have and WHY. :) i will pick at least 5 winners. ill gonna send them a message that they won.... [WARNING, SOME JERK MIGHT IMPERSONATE ME, FOR REFERENCE, I WONT ASK ANYTHING FROM YOU OR EVEN TRY TO DO TRADING WITH YOU, YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY THE ITEM YOU JUST WON :)]


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