Happy Birthday Pet Society Philippines!

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i cant imagine that Pet Society Philippines is One Year Old today! :) a year has passed. and many things have changed. still our site is still here, giving you the latest news about our favorite game! it may be hard to believe that when I started this site, there were no guides. no weekly posts.but look at us now! :)

Pet Society Philippines was built out of boredom. :) i asked myself before why there was no Pet Society Fan Site made by a Filipino. that's how my Site started. i really started from scratch... :) from humble beginnings.

my target viewers of this site when i started is only Filipinos, we used our own native language, but things have changed January this year when i saw a huge number of you who are visiting from all parts of the globe! from the Spanish Speaking Countries, American Territory's, Canada, Middle East, Asia to the Philippines, i am very very happy that you supported us from the past year! :) thats why we reverted from Tagalog to English so that everybody could understand! :)

but wait, Pet Society Philippines is looking forward for another year with you guys! so make sure you better bookmark us, and like our fan page on Facebook!

i am proud to say that even though that we don't have a domain name, still my site is known from all parts of the Globe! for that, i want to say thank you! thank you because you are the reason why my site is still alive. you are the reason why I am here despite my very very busy schedule. Thank You so much for the support guys! :)

I really really want to have a birthday contest right now but im so busy at school/university! :) we got only 2 weeks left until the semester ends.. but dont worry, ill have a post-birthday soon during our break, so stay tuned! :)

Prince Don
Pet Society Philippines!

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