Pet Society Greedy Alert: Jubble Ring now costs 8PFC from 1200 Gold Coins!

as quoted from the Playfish Forum from a Playfish Official:

Hello Pet Society players! There's been a Jubble newsflash!
As you may have noticed, the new cute and colorful Jubbles on sale at the stores right now are available for coins! These make great friends for your pet, and are a real treat exclusive to Fantasy Week.

But the plot thickens! Jubbles are going to turn from coin items into PFC cash items! Seems the magic that turned them 'mortal' is wearing off.

This means that if you buy a Jubble before the PFC cash switch on MONDAY at Midnight GMT, any Jubbles already in your inventory will become non-giftable and, just like Cinderella's coach that turned into a Pumpkin, your Jubbles will go from coin items into PFC items! Oh, my...!

in Silje's statement, she told us the ring will be turned into Playfish Cash Item on Monday!
But hey, its still Friday Playfish(in fact some countries, it still Thursday)??!!

and it costs 8PFC!

well good thing my pet has it already. :D

what do you think? is Playfish UNFAIR?

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