Pet Society Game Update - August 26 New Way to BUY Items!

Guide is made by a Playfish Official,
Original Guide can be found here :)

'Buy directly from friend’s room!' feature allows any user(s) to visit an available 'Pet Society' friend and activate the feature by clicking a 'Buy directly from friend’s room!' icon which highlights and displays available 'Playfish Cash' and 'Playfish Coin' items that can be clicked on and directly bought from that friends house.

Q: How do I activate the feature.
A: When visiting a friends house a ‘new’ shopping cart icon will be displayed on the left hand side with the tool tip ‘Buy directly from friend’s room!’, once clicked on a pop up will display (for the first time only) detailing the features functions.

Q: How do I turn the feature off?
A: Clicking on the same ‘new’ shopping cart icon which would be greyed out will return you back.

Q: Can I buy ‘Walls & Floors’?
A: Yes you can, just click on the wall or floor and the confirmation dialogue will pop up.

Q: Can I buy old items?
A: Only items currently available in stores can be bought using the feature.

Q: Can I buy ‘Limited Items’ from friend’s house?
A: No sorry limited items will not be available to buy from friends and will not be highlighted when the feature is activated.

Q: When I visit a friend’s room, it says no items can be bought in this room!
A: This would be either due to no, limited or items no longer available in shops which displays a message stating ‘No items can be bought in this room’.

Q: When click on friend’s orange tree i get a different tree!
A: Clicking on a tree will display the pop to purchase the seed from which that tree was grown, depending on which seed it is may result in different outcomes when fully grown.

Q: When I select to purchase certain items it takes me to the ‘Mystery Box U.I’!
A: This is because the particular item was found in a mystery box, and the price displayed will be of the x1 of that mystery box.

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