Levels in Pet Society! [UPDATED]

Earning a certain number of paw points makes the pet level up, in order to gain some coins, new features and special status. When originally release there were only 34. After houses were enlarged to accommodate ten rooms, an additional 13 levels were added bringing the total to 47. Pet Society had undergone some major changes, including Paw Point Changes. Points were being reset after each level. Nobody was sure of how many paw points needed, as paw points were hard to earn. After many complaints, Playfish changed the paw points back. In August 2010 pet society introduced further more new levels, increasing from level 47 to level 100, which requires over 1 million paw points.
Level #Level namePaw Points required (Facebook)Reward
1Getting Started0N/A
2New Arrival20Basic Ball
3Learner50House with two rooms, Basic Frisbee
4Playful pet100Basic Skipping Rope
5Fresh Face250House with three rooms, Portable TV
6Promising Prospect500Better Soap
7One To Watch750Better Ball
8Growing Talent1,000Better Brush
9High Achiever1,500Better Frisbee
10Popular Pet2,000Better Skipping Rope, Second Garden
11Influential Pet2,500House with four rooms, Digital TV
12Rising Star3,000Super Soap
13Established Presence3,500Super Ball
14Society Stalwart4,000Super Brush
15Famous Pet4,500Super Frisbee
16Media Darling5,000Super Skipping Rope
17High Profile Pet6,000House with five rooms, Plasma TV
18VIP Pet7,000Lovely Soap
19Celebrity Pet8,000Golden Ball
20It Pet9,000Golden Brush
21A-List Pet10,000Golden Frisbee
22Renowned Pet11,000Golden Skipping Rope
23Superstar Pet12,000House with Six Rooms
24Hollywood Pet14,000Aqua Soap
25Megastar Pet18,000Pro Ball
26Platinum Pet24,000Crystal Brush
27Uberstar Pet32,000Star Frisbee
28Ultimate Achiever42,000Expert Skipping Rope
29Superb Pet54,000House with Seven Rooms
30Heroic Pet68,000Golden Star Soap
31Royal Pet84,000Crystal Ball
32Historic Pet102,000Ruby Brush
33Super Pet122,000Gem Frisbee
34All-Time Great144,000Star Skipping Rope
35Ultimate Pet166,000House with Eight Rooms
36Ruby Renowned Pet188,000Heart Soap
37Ruby Superstar Pet210,000Ruby Ball
38Ruby Hollywood Pet232,000Sapphire Brush
39Ruby Megastar Pet254,000Sapphire Frisbee
40Ruby Platinum Pet276,000Ruby Skipping Rope
41Ruby Uberstar Pet298,000House with Nine Rooms
42Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet310,000Sapphire Heart Soap
43Ruby Superb Pet332,000Sapphire Ball
44Ruby Heroic Pet354,000Rainbow Brush
45Ruby Royal Pet376,000Rainbow Frisbee
46Ruby Historic Pet398,000Sapphire Skipping Rope
47Ruby Super Pet420,000House with Ten Rooms
48Ruby All-Time Great Pet442,000N/A
49Red Ruby Superstar464,000N/A
50Emerald Renowned Pet486,000N/A
51Emerald Superstar Pet508,000N/A
52Emerald Hollywood Pet530,000N/A
53Emerald Megastar Pet552,000N/A
54Emerald Platinum Pet574,000N/A
55Emerald Uberstar Pet596,000N/A
56Emerald Ultimate Achiever Pet618,000N/A
57Emerald Superb Pet640,000N/A
58Emerald Heroic Pet662,000N/A
59Emerald Royal Pet684,000N/A
60Emerald Historic Pet706,000N/A
61Emerald Super Pet728,000N/A
62Emerald All-Time Great Pet750,000N/A
63Green Emerald Superstar772,000N/A
64Sapphire Renowned Pet794,000N/A
65Sapphire Superstar Pet816,000N/A
66Sapphire Hollywood Pet838,000N/A
67Sapphire Megastar Pet860,000N/A
68Sapphire Platinum Pet882,000N/A
69Sapphire Uberstar Pet904,000N/A
70Sapphire Ultimate Achiever926,000N/A
71Sapphire Superb Pet948,000N/A
72Sapphire Heroic Pet970,000N/A
73Sapphire Royal Pet992,000N/A
74Sapphire Historic Pet1,014,000N/A
75Sapphire Super Pet1,036,000N/A
76Sapphire All-Time Great Pet1,058,000N/A
77Blue Sapphire Superstar1,080,000N/A
78Silver Renowned Pet1,102,000N/A
79Silver Superstar Pet1,124,000N/A
80Silver Hollywood Pet1,146,000N/A
81Silver Megastar Pet1,168,000N/A
82Silver Platinum Pet1,190,000N/A
83Silver Uberstar Pet1,212,000N/A
84Silver Ultimate Achiever Pet1,234,000N/A
85Silver Superb Pet1,256,000N/A
86Silver Heroic Pet1,278,000N/A
87Silver Royal Pet1,300,000N/A
88Silver Historic Pet1,322,000N/A
89Silver Super Pet1,344,000N/A
90Silver All-Time Great Pet1,366,000N/A
91Shining Silver Superstar1,388,000N/A
92Gold Platinum Pet1,410,000N/A
93Gold Uberstar Pet1,432,000N/A
94Gold Ultimate Achiever Pet1,454,000N/A
95Gold Superb Pet1,476,000N/A
96Gold Heroic Pet1,498,000N/A
97Gold Royal Pet1,520,000N/A
98Gold Historic Pet1,542,000N/A
99Gold Super Pet1,564,000N/A
100Gold All-Time Great Pet1,586,000N/A

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