TAKE A LOAD OFF! Pirates Ahoy!

as first read on Pet Society Philippines, Playfish just launched a new role playing game. Pirates Ahoy is similar to Treasure Isle or any Treasure Island game but what makes this unique in my opinion is because your acting like your the pirate that controls the ship and you design your island.
Energy is your enemy in this game because you have to wait. i dont think ill treat or play this game seriously as i am soooo busy already. hahaha!

anyway my online friend from the UK told me that he found something on the game. lol. its not a cheat or whatsoever. but he knows how to make you a millionaire in just 2minutes. hes asking a very very small fee though but i think its worth it. i mean you could make your island look good if you have alot of money. again, i trust him so much that i could vouch for him if he will do something bad on you! hahaha.. you can try an negotiate to him, email at monnyjames@yahoo.co.uk sorry the emaill adress i posted earlier was wrong, thats the right one hahaah!

thanks friends. and godbless you!

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