Pet Society Spoilers for Monday 19 July 2010

Bakery Fish Bait
Creme BruleefishCrepefishChocolate Spongecakefish
Vanilla SpongecakefishPistachio IcecreamfishIce Cream Sandwichfish
Strawberry IcecreamfishChocolate MacaroonfishChocolate Creamfish
Waffle Fish

Secret Summer Garden

Sweet Cake PotionSweet Cake Potion Outcome
Indulgent Candy Bed

Pink Candy (LE)Pink Candy Tree Seed (LE)Pink Candy Tree (LE)
Gretel Bear Plushie
Long Bunches Wig
(Clothes – Hairstylist)
Chocolate Cone Hat
(Clothes – Accesories)
Blue Candy Waiter Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Blue Candy Waiter Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Pink Candy Waitress Outfit
(Clothes – Girls) OWO
Pink Candy Waitress Shoes
(Clothes – Girls) OWO

Golden Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Purple Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Rosy Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Layered ChocolatePyramid ChocolateMilk Chocolate Flower
Strawberry Chocolate PassionWhite Drop ChocolateChocolate Butterfly
Chocolate Rose

Donut Armchair
(Furniture – Living)
Cookie Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Cookie Table
(Furniture – Living)
Chocolate Dresser
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Cake Arm Chair
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Ice Cream Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Glazed Donut Chair
(Furniture – Living) OWO
Candy Dressing Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO

Ice Cream Stand
Sorbet ConeIce Cream CookieUltimate Ice Cream Cup
Fruity Ice Cream ConeCookies and Cream Ice Cream ConeTropical Ice Cream Cone

Pink Cream Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) OWO
Pink Cream Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) OWO
Pink Cream Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWO
Ice Cream Chandelier (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)Candy Ceiling Light (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWOIce Cream Candle (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWO
Chocolate Cream Door (DIY – Windows & Doors) OWO

Hansel Bear Plushie
( Market – Toys & Collectibles )OWO

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