Finally, a Philippine-inspired item is now on Pet Society!

From Wikipedia:
The Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), known locally as the Maumag in Cebuano/Visayan andMamag in Luzon, is an [endangered species] [endemic] to the Philippines. It is found in the southeastern part of the archipelago, particularly in the islands of Bohol Island, Samar Island, Leyte Island and Mindanao. It is a member of approximately 45 million years old FamilyTarsiidae whose name is derived from its elongated "tarsus" or ankle bone.

i am very lucky that i was able to hold a Tarsier when i was like 8 years old. Tarsiers are very cute to hold. they are very warm and they are very friendly! YES THEY WONT BITE YOU! :) just dont look at there eyes, some how there big eyes scares me! hahaha!

i am very happy that the developers of Playfish inserted a Jungle Plushie in the Game! i am now confident that somewhere in the future, there might be a Philippine Theme in Pet Society! Philippine-culture is VERY RICH. we have so much to the world! Playfish if ever your reading this, you made my day today! :)x

anyway if your a member of the Playfish Forum, please do bump our thread Philippine Week in the Feedback and Suggestions forum, we currently have 35k views on that thread. to my fellow filipino's, our voices must be heard. im pretty sure Playfish knows that a fraction of there players are from the Philippines so why not a Philippine Week to show thank you to us. :)

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