Ancient Egypt Digging Map

Ever been to egypt? No? Same here lol. Now we can travel to Egypt with the help of the new map together with a lot of finest items for everyone who loves to dig... dig... and just dig. I present to you... The Ancient Egypt!

From top is the to bottom left to right...
The Legendary Sphinx consisting of 6 parts... sure is a cutie IMO. The Cleopatra Wig, i don't find it cute but maybe because i won't allow my pet to wear it lol. With the wig comes the Cleopatra Tunic to complete the Cleo Look. I must say it is simply elegant and stylish. Ancient Pets Wall Painting is simply a nice painting especially if you are deciding to make a room full of paintings or just a plain art gallery in one of your pet room. The Ancient pets wallpaper is simply Egyptian and i found it stupid that it doesn't come with a floor... anyway it goes greatly with the flooring that you can get in the Fun Park Mystery Eggs (for a complete guide please go here) The Egyptian Oasis is DASHING IMO... It is like a collaborative item due to its size but it is easy to get and i already have 3 O_O a beauty with so little price for it. The Pharaoh Headress and Pharaoh Snake Crown is lovely but too bad i can't make moonie wear them both it's either the crown or the headdress :( With the headdress and crown comes the Pharaoh Tunic in it's simplistic beauty. The Ancient Sarcophagus is somehow dazzling since it has very big eyes and makes a good decoration and i must say it's very EYE-catching lol. I found the Ancient Golden Bracelet cute as an ornament for both arms while wearing the Cleo or Pharaoh Tunic. Lastly, but not the least of it all is the Sacred Cat Statue with a selling price of 3.5k O_O i must be super lucky when i got it with my first free shovel and thought it's one of the plain items *LOL*... It's cute especially for a cat-lover like me... I must get one again lol :P Anyway, that's all for now i will keep you guys updated if ever there is some new maps to be explore... Go now and dig, dig and dig! :) Ciao! :)

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