ON THE SPOTLIGHT: Limited Edition Shiny Pink Roadster

when it was released last Monday, some people reported that they encountered an error when purchasing/gifting the car. everybody also noticed that the counter wasnt moving so they think no one bought it out yet. when i spoke to a moderator in the Playfish forum, he told me that the item is expected to have a official release by Tuesday GMT (yesterday)

right now as i post this entry, there is only 10,000+ left! i dont know but i think Pet Society is copying the cars from Petville. :) of course i dont care with that, Petville copied Pet Society in the first place! :)

i tried using the car, and i was disappointed. it has the same effects when using the Jacuzzi

i hope in the near future, we can really ride in these cars and i also wish that there would be a feature that we can use this cars as racing in the stadium.

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