My Best Days Are Ahead of Me - Danny Gokey

Starting today and every Sunday, ill gonna feature some of my favorite songs here in my site. so that it will remind us that we still have a life other than playing Pet Society! :)The Music Video below are My Best Days Are Ahead of Me by Danny Gokey. Danny Gokey is a season 8 finalist of American Idol. :)

anyway, i have to personally say thank you to Pet Society Anoymous and Pet Society Cat for featuring our post about the Hideeni Easter Eggs! it did generate about 2,000+ visitors when you guys posted our link on your site! :) Thank You!!!! :)

you may have noticed that there is a sticky note above this post, that is not a virus site, instead a site that gives out Free iphones and stuff.. :) no one can tell if its legitimate but I have nothing to loose if ill try right? :) why wont you try out as well? :) if your lazy to scroll up you can click this ---->

Happy a blessed Sunday everyone! :)

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