Beanstalk Bean! and some site updates!

and finally, akihiro has the Beanstalk Bean!!!!!
it took me days to search for a generous and fair trader.... she agreed to have the rate of 1x4999 = 1 cash coins to me... :) i am very grateful! thank you Stephi!
PS: i wont ever pay 2-3x4999 for 1cc!!! cause all of my 4999s are genuine!!!

and after 10 minutes of thinking, i decided to make this extra room as my poster room! :)

some site updates!
some people are emailing me about WHY my dolls database and some more links above is not updated anymore... well the truth is my laptop crashed! its about a month now :( and yes, i forgot to make a back up before it crashed so ALL of my files are erased! but dont worry, I will make and put another one sand update everything once i got my laptop.. my laptop is in the shop... it suffered a degree of heavy damage hahaahah! :)

anyway please do join akihiro's first birthday...i already have alot of amazing entries!! :) details about the contest is posted on the upper right side of the blog... thank you!

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