Monday Items December 28,2009

First of all i would like to greet everyone Happy Innocent's Day! It's the day celebrated to commemorate the killings of the innocent children that were killed when King Herod ordered to kill all babies in Bethlehem in hopes of killing Baby Jesus. This day is also like April Fools Day where one can freely pull prank on another. Have played a prank on another person yet?
Back to pet spciety here are the newobjects for this week.

I love the new clothes this week. It looks like our pets are going to the ball. i dont like that everything is too gold looks to "shiny and shimmery" to me.

It seems like this week is all about golden items. I like the teddy, the flowers and the tables. Not too sure about the dresser. They llok like other dressers but of different color to me.
i love the new stuff in D.I.Y. i love the curtained windows and the golden door. i cant seem to wait to desgin my own grand ballroom and grand new year's eve party.

The table is great but i prefer to design my own tables with my own choices of food. The stair case is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so romantic!
Lastly are the cash shop items, food and gadget items. I havent tried out the cash shop item yet but im soo planning to buy it, ive been waiting for this item to come out since it was in the spoilers a few weeks ago, before the alice in wonderland theme i guess. the gadget items are okay, another chandelier? It looks too similar from previous chandeliers to me.I was hoping for the new year's eve ball like in farmville though. i love this week's items And i love the food, i cant wait to arrange my room and place the drinks. Since there are kid players the wines are either juices or sodas so no liquor is available,but for us adults, we know what they are, so bring out the bubbly drinks and our pets will party this new year's eve. ;D (mga anak soda lang kayo! hehehe)

It seems like the lodge and ski items shown in the spoilers are not available. perhaps they will be out next week, we just have to wait.

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