The Gingerbread Week on Pet Society!!!!

First of all, before I start discussing the new items on pet society, I would just want to apologize for the late posting of this..... peace!!!!

So now, Im going to start discussing!!!!! (clap clap!!!!) Upon reading the spoilers posted here, I became very excited about it and I came to a decision that my rooftop room that I have been saving for a new room that will catch my attention will be used! Yay!!!!

Let me start with the DIY shop! really love the items there! there is a gingerbread door, tiles, wallpaper and the ultimately cute window over there. As we all know before there had been gingerbread items and let me tell you these! these items are far cuter than the ones playfish had done before!

Here is a picture of those:
Next stop is the food shop! There is a new candy that looks like a wheel with color red and new colorful candies! those are very cute! I'll probably buy a lot of those especially the colorful candies! Really colorful and extremely cute!!!!!!
To continue our journey through pet society during the gingerbread week, We'll stop by the humble yet cute and the original home of the mystery boxes ( before "?" came), the Furniture shop!!!! Where's the applause????... well here we go..... Featured in "Just Arrived" section is the new gingerbread chair and the gingerbread table. I really loved the fact that these items were placed there because it means that it will be avalable for your pets even if the gingerbread week is over!!!!!!! Two Thumbs up for Playfish!!!!!
While on the other side of the furniture shop, the "HS" Section, you'll have great finds for your pets house! You may find a mistletoe which is almost similar as the one last year but still cute as what the name says. there is also a north pole sign which is very cute and maybe it will look very cute with some other gingerbread items. There is also a cute throne colored red and silver.... I like that one but still prefer the ice throne from last year, sorry to playfish....... =D there is also a cute gingerbread plushie which I am thinking of buying a lot!!!! Ill try to make a gingerbread man tea party with these so meaning, Ill buy a LOT of these! these will make a beautiful trading item next year! A cute side table is also found there to complete the collection of tables and chairs. but what will you place on top of your tables???? No need to worry the Gingerbread Tea Pot is there to answer your problem!!!! "I am super Gingerbread Tea Pot to the rescue!!!" LOL!
Of course, E.M.I.L.I.A ( the gadget shop owner) should never feel forgotten because her shop is up next here at the Gingerbreadman week special of PSP!!!!! You may find really cool gingerbreadman items there which may surely be the envy of your neighbors when the see how you used it to decorate your house!!!! Here is a picture for you to see for yourself and give comments!!!!!
Still right here doing window shopping at Pet Society, my pet chem found cute items on the Luxury shop!!!! Felicity became really competitive about sales..... Despit the undoubtedly higher price of Felicity's items from the other shops... you'll never really regret giving your pet comfort in sitting and sleeping! here are the cute luxury items that chem found on his journey!!! =D
here are the items from the mystery and cash shops....I decided to make them in just one entry because Ill post a picture after some discussions with a picture showin the effects of the items in the two stores together.....

mystery items has two new potions. one located at "JA" part and the other in "HS"....
in the just arrived part... there is the gingerbread man potion which turns your pet into a gingerbreadman and on he other side the angel wings potion which gives your pet angel wings for 3 straight days.....
on the cash shop three items were added. the immortal angel wings which gives your pet immortal angel wings and reuse it every hour, every second and every minute of everyday..... there is also new aquariums the bowl type and the rectangular type. I doesnt like the aquariums because of the fact that I am not a fish collector........ get it???/
By the way thanks to SHin for this image!!!! I took this image because I saw his pet wearing the immortal angel wings and the gingerbread man potion!!!!!1 THANKS!!!!

All in all.... I loved the items.....
My Rating.... 3.5/5------. Liked it but not all of them....
Kudos to Playfish for cute new items!!!!!

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